Monday, May 3, 2021

Charleston Maritime Center - many changes along the waterfront!


This used to be a green lawn where Hoolie liked to play, now it's a museum

We had intended going to St John's Yacht Harbor but we couldn't get a reservation even a week in advance.  Our backup was an old favorite, the Charleston Maritime Center which is within walking distance to a Harris Tetter supermarket and downtown. Walking access to Charleston shopping and restaurants is a big plus as is Harris Tetter. 

Lots of construction - this is where the hardware store used to be, next to Harris Tetter

However, the WiFi is a bust and the docks can be noisy with rocking by boats speeding by during the day. It does settle down at night but the marina is not for everyone. It also offers free laundry in two dryers and two washers. You may have to dock with the current behind you if no other slips are available and you are unlucky with the tide. It can make for exciting docking.

We were lucky to get a slip where we could dock into the current, 
many times in the past we had to go in with the current behind us.

There are big changes underway at the waterfront by the marina. There's a huge museum nearing completion that now occupies what used to be the green area next to the marina office. On the way to Harris Tetter, there are two more multi-story condo complexes going up, construction is booming in Charleston. 

Our next stop is the anchorage at Awendaw, about 1/2 way to Georgetown. I'll get a chance to try my skills at dead low tide through the Isle of Palms and beyond. It should be interesting but then the whole area was dredged last year so it ought to be okay (does that qualify as "famous last words"?)


David and Carol said...

Bob and Ann - pleasure to meet you both and nice to see SV Onward in the background!

David Antos