Saturday, May 8, 2021

St James Plantation Marina - Last day


It's a beautiful facility

The St James Plantation Marina is beautifully well kept. It's part of the housing complex here and they pay attention to keeping everything in tip top shape. It's only $1.50/day if you have BoatUS membership, a bargain compared to the prices I've been seeing on my trip north ($2.00 to $2.50/day). The marinas are being bought out by large companies and the first thing they do is raise prices, not so here, so far. 

The smaller boats are packed inside a very large building - evidently strong enough to last out a hurricane

In addition to the marina, they have dry storage for over 300 boats in a fully enclosed building on site. You place an order for being put in the water, and they do the rest. The building withstood Hurricane Matthew so it must be sturdy.

On Sunday, we're headed to Harbor Village about halfway to Home Smith in Beaiufort, NC. It's just an overnight visit before leaving the next day. We plan on catching the last of a flood tide on the way north up the Cape Fear River - if all goes according to plan. With light winds predicted, it ought to be okay.