Sunday, May 9, 2021

Harbour Village Marina - at a dock


Sunrise on the way north to the Cape Fear River

The current in The Cape Fear River was flooding north in the morning but only until 8:30 or so. With that, we decided to start north at daybreak, about 6:15 this time of the year. This was not necessarily a popular decision with the crew but it took full advantage of the northward flowing current and the calm winds of early morning. It also allowed for two bridges on the way that invariably caused up to a two our delay if you didn't arrive just at the right time. 

The party island by Surf City was in full swing Sunday

To our advantage, we carried the tide northward and all the way to Harbour Village so we made very good time. We were assigned a 60 ft slip so it was an easy docking. The marina was full as was the case for most marinas we've been at this trip north - everybody is out boating, it seems.

The marina's WiFi was great, no problems there. The docks here are almost new and they are among the best docks on the ICW. We had a qjuiet night, we needed it.