Monday, March 5, 2018

Key West - Yours and Mayan

The Mayan version of a rooster
Yours and Mayan is a local store that gradually grew over the years based on fair trade from Central American. The owners of the store have promoted imports from areas with a rich tradition of very colorful art. They sell a wide range of personal products from handbags to necklaces to decorative items. To walk through the store is to see an explosion of color in all items. They are all hand-made with great attention to detail. We always go through the store at least once while in Key West. It's located on Elizabeth street next to the harbor.

Ann continues her pastels and she completed another one today. The winds were calm enough for her to work in the cockpit. I was down below finishing up my project on the evaluation of iPad navigation apps for the iPad which now appears to be published this coming Friday in Waterway Guide.

A street band?
I ran into a strange situation today where one of the Waterway Guide on-the-water editors went aground south of Fernandina and had to call TowBoat US to get off a shoal. The TowBoat US operator then proceeded to give wrong advice on how to proceed through the shallows. He even advised cutting a buoy, saying the Coast Guard was going to make him a lot of money by putting it where they did. Furthermore, he was telling all boater to in the vicinity to not follow the route that the Coast Guard had just buoyed a month ago.

A happy fellow
Of course, this was all bunk. The buoyed route is the best path through the shallows. It is very unfortunate that a TowBoatUS operator would give such bad advice. So if you're even going through Fernandina, don't listen to him - you will suffer from his advice. The route that I and many others have used for the last two years works fine for 9 MLW and that's the route that the Coast Guard buoyed! See "GPX Routes" at the left under "ICW Tips" for all the routes known to work well. One will be for Fernandina, use it.


bob said...

Last spring I too called this same Tow Boat US for advice and they gave me wrong advice. We touched bottom but did not run aground. After that I asked your for the GPS coordinates because my GPS is too old to download a GPX route.

Just wanted to share that this wrong advice is not an isolated instance.

Bob423 said...

Bob, you’re not the first one I heard apconcerning that operator. I guess each Captain has to make their own decision on whose advice to follow.