Friday, March 16, 2018

Key West - No sail today but we visit Mallory Square

Matt was holding Hoolie so he wouldn't get excited but then the boy led his dog over to say "Hi", chaos..
Ahoy! It is I Matt, on day five of Camp Fleetwing. Due to the wind deciding to pack up and quit today I was not able to go out and sail but believe it or not it was still a great day. After waking up at the unthinkable time of 9 but not actually getting out of bed until 12ish, I made myself a corned beef melt for lunch. A corned beef melt is corned beef, cabbage, cheese, and some mayo between two pieces of bread, grilled. This afternoon consisted of a series of drawing and showing music to Nana. I drew a seagull and began drawing a rocky shore. Nana was surprised at how eclectic my musical tastes are, ranging from heavy metal to smooth indie rock. 

Somehow we finished the entire plate, mostly Matt
After some more doodling I went down below and made nachos for dinner. My monster tray of nachos consists of a huge pile of several layers of chips, cheese, and salsa. One tray can feed 5 easily. We managed to clear the whole tray. After a spot of ice cream we hooked Hoolie up and went for a stroll to Mallory Square to watch the sun go down. No green flash tonight but it was still beautiful. Hoolie was a regular old superstar with every other girl in a sundress having to stop to pet him. The sun went down and we meandered back towards the boat stopping to see the sword swallower. Today marks my last day on the boat. Tomorrow I leave to return to the snow up north. Grandpa will be renting a car for us to tool around in until it’s time to go to the airport where I’ll catch a flight to Newark and then to Providence. Here’s Matt, Veteran Crew, signing off for the last time this week. Until next time! Happy sailing and strong winds from Camp Fleetwing!

The weather went from too much wind to no wind in the course of 24 hours. We barely had a breeze today, about 5 to 8 kts tops. With that we decided not to take Fleetwing out since it would just be motoring and not sailing. Matt kept Ann company up in the cockpit with drawing and music and I paid bills down below. However, the weather was perfect with a high of 78 with full sun. Matt made his signature dish of nachos for lunch which we polished off with no leftovers.

The water in the harbor is pretty clear, here you can see a tarpon hoping for a handout
It was such a good day that we walked over to Mallory Square to see the sunset activities. When you walking in that direction near sundown, it's like being in a river of people. Everyone's going in the same direction. Even if you didn't know where Mallory Square was located, all you needed to do was go with the flow. The usual array of performers were there. One guys playing a piano that people were dancing to, a fortune teller, an acrobat climbing a pole, a woman pretending to be a statue, a juggler and more. One little known fact is that the performers have to audition to be allowed into Mallory Square, not just anyone can claim a splot.

The trip to Mallory Square was worth it to see this sunset!
The sun did its thing with all the sunset cruise ships in full array and we returned to Fleetwing to plan Saturday. Matt has to catch a plane in the afternoon so we'll catch a fish sandwich at noon and drive him over to the airport in a rental car we'll pick up in the morning. We will be sad to see Matthew leave. In this stay in Key West, we've had everyone of our kids down here for a stay. All five grandkids and both families of Caroline's and Philip's. There's just nothing better than family with you for a stay, especially in Key West during the winter!