Sunday, March 11, 2018

Key West - The Green Parrot Bar

The famous Green Parrot Bar
In dedicating my stay to exploring the institutions of Key West, I thought it time to pay a visit to one of the most famous - The Green Parrot Bar.  True to Key West form, it is open-air which is shorthand for saying there's no air conditioning. It's been around forever and has a reputation for the best music in Key West which is saying something given all the venues available.

The Jazz band played on
This afternoon was jazz time with a band playing from 1:00 til 4:30. We arrived around 2:30 which was just in time for their break! So we sat around for 40 minutes waiting for the next set. Of course, there's a bar and I got a beer for $6 and then partook of the free popcorn which was kept fresh from the constant popping. We listened for about an hour before leaving to return home. We took the free Duval Loop bus both ways, very convenient.

The lead singer put i a great performance (worded so I didn't have to commit as to gender - this is Key West!)
The seating in the bar is mostly on bar stools, there's no back support unless you lean up against the bar - but, hey, this is Key West. Even without air conditioning the bar was cool inside. There are no windows to close, everything is open to the breezes.

There's also a peanut gallery, a hard to get spot - it's always crowded
It's a place unique to Key West, yet another institution you should be sure not to miss if you're ever in town.


wjs said...

One of my favorite bars in KW, but check your first photo regarding back support. Admitedly, the stools around the bar are hard to get sometimes.

Fred Brillo said...


Its amazing how everything changes with time. Back in the late 70's and early 1980's, the Green Parrot was not the kind of place you would take your wife. It was a pretty rough place back then. Looks like its improved for the better lately.

Bob423 said...

Bill, I saw those but they were all full. The rest of the seating had no backs. In fact, it was mostly standing room only. We were lucky to get a stool.

Fred, the women are still advised not to wear white pants, not the cleanest place in town but it’s certainly be gentrified.