Sunday, March 25, 2018

Key West - Our goodbye to the Green Parrot

Step one of our goodbye tour - The Green Parrot Bar
We are now in our last week in Key West - where did the time go? For this week, we are on a goodbye tour and our first stop of the week was the Sunday afternoon jazz session at the Green Parrot. Last week we got there too late and about the time we arrived was the time for their break. We didn't make that mistake this time and got a stool before they even started.

The bar has a parachute over it?
The format is three musicians anchoring the melody (guitar, piano, and drums) and then various, visiting musicians playing freewheeling segments as the anchor musicians play on. That gives each of the solo musicians a chance to show their talents. They play out in front, close to the audience so there's a participation experience.

Too bad, they're open!
You're expected to buy something but you don't have to, nobody is keeping score. I bought a beer and shared it with Ann. They are constantly popping popcorn and that's free for the taking. We had two helpings of that, lots of salt.

We listened for about 1.5 hours and then did a slow walk home in the 78-degree weather with full sun. What a nice day! We are looking at Next Saturday for a departure date but it's really too early yet to predict the weather.