Saturday, March 10, 2018

Key West - To BO's Fishwagon for sandwhiches!

The free bus is pictured behind the tourist train. I can't think they're too happy about the free bus.
We do our walking and running on the weekdays but save the weekend for just relaxing and a full breakfast. It's still warm but the rain is coming later tonight. We missed seeing Barry Cuda play last weekend so we made it a point of setting aside Saturday night for BO's Fishwagon.

We have a good view of the band. You can see the fine decor of the place
Alas, when we arrived we discovered that Barry was in Europe! There was a substitute band that wasn't bad but it wasn't Barry. However, the fish sandwiches were just as good as ever and we topped it off with conch fritters. When I went up to order the sandwiches, the counter guy thought I was a local and gave me the local order which was the same but with french fries at no additional charge. I guess he's seen me around so much for so long that he thought I belonged? This is a common practice that's not advertised in Key West - specials for locals, either a reduced price or something extra.

This is in jest for Key West but it was meant for
somebody somewhere
So we had a fine dinner and returned to Fleetwing to await the arrival of storms through the night. We are so far into the harbor that nothing can really touch us. We have the seawall and all the other boats between us and the entrance, one of the advantages of being on E dock. Of course, the big disadvantage for some it having to get off the bow of the boat, especially when there's a high tide. We like the privacy it affords and watching the comings and goings of boats in the fairway.