Monday, March 26, 2018

Key West - A walk with flowers

Maybe someone in the audience can identify the flowers but not me.
Yes, yet again we walked amongst the flowers. As the weather warms, even more, the flowers come out even more. When I was in high school and had a literature class where we read poetry, the refrain from the students who didn't want to apply themselves to understanding the subject matter was that they wanted to enjoy the poem and not analyze the poem. Being of retirement age, I've come to embrace that concept in our afternoon walks. I have no idea what the flowers are called, but I do enjoy admiring them.

The yellow flowers grew on tall trees
This afternoon was no different. Since it's March, we walk on the shady side of the street and focus on the gardens which abound in Key West. Everyone has plantings in their front yard, sometimes for many years which you can see in the growth of the plants. Of course, walking is easy in Key West since the highest "hill" is only 13 feet and that's so gradual that you would never notice the slope.

Not to be outdone, a profusion of flowers
Hoolie is along for the walk too and has to be tamed so he doesn't pull so much. At nine years of age, he's still eager to be in front and lead the way, except when there's a morsel of food to be had. Then it's a full lunge with all his might and weight and quick reflexes! He usually wins such tests of strength and speed.

And we come to the end of the day and close to the end of our stay
This week is a work week and on Tuesday we'll get the bottom scrubbed and the zinc replaced. We want our full 7.3 kts of speed heading back north. After that, it's an oil change for three motors (Volvo, genset, and outboard). Lot's of things to do to get ready for the return trip.


Ken Shanley said...

Hi Bob, They are Frangipani or Plumeria. Very common in Hawaii and Florida.Ken Shanley

Bob423 said...

Ken, thanks! One of the joys of Key West are all the flowers, even if I don’t know the names.

Fred Brillo said...

Theyre also known as Mockingbird poop stick trees... seems as though a Mockingbird cant land on one without relieving himself. Just kidding... that was a story I always told my daughter when she was 5 or 6.