Saturday, March 3, 2018

Key West - Art Show and Barry Cuda

The day started out with a walk through the art exhibits
One of our favorite shows in Key West is when Schooner Wharf hosts an Art Gathering by their restaurant. It's right nearby within easy walking distance and they have all sorts of things to look at. Ann love to find an artist so she can talk shop. They compare notes on paper, paints, and technique. The artist she spent time with today was from Cuba and came over on a fishing boat. He was one of the lucky ones, he came over in relative luxury compared to most who made the passage in boats at various stages of floatability. He's making a living selling paintings and was very happy to be in America.

Ann got her art fix here
The wind has piped up again and changed directions so it's a few degrees cooler than yesterday (it's 72 now...) The locals are walking around with light jackets on. Actually, with a 15 kt breeze, it is a little cool. Despite the cold, we walked over to BO's Fishwagon to listen to Barry Cuda play his piano. He had a horn player with him tonight and together they were terrific. He plays all the songs from heart, no music in front of him. It's just that the songs are not recent, nothing later than 1980 or so even if that late. It's fun to hear live music that has a rhythm and a beat. We like it. Barry's there every Saturday night this year.

And then there's always Barry to listen to!