Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Key West - We rent a Ford Mustang convertible and dine out at Cafe Sole

Fat Albert is grounded! (at least for now)
Today was our day off from all boat chores and other duties. I was going to rent a cheapie car but then I saw a Ford Mustang in the lot and asked how much more that would be. The answer was an additional $30 so I sprang for that and we enjoyed seeing the sights in style.

Cafe Sole, our restaurant for the evening
We drove out to Big Pine Key just to see how it looked after hurricane Irma and it looked mostly put back together. Everything appeared operational and we took on gas at a brand new filling station. The entire station was obviously built post Irma and they spared no expense. Even the restrooms were done in marble, I'd never seen that before in a gas station!

Such a pretty serving of Key Lime Pie, very delicious
The traffic moved along at a steady 45 mph so getting back to Key West was not a problem. We stopped at Publix and bought sushi for lunch and weathered a line storm that came through around 3:00 pm. That evening, we headed for Cafe Sole, a local fish restaurant with a French chef.  Both the food and service was outstanding. They had an early bird special from 5:00 to 6:30 where you got a three course meal for $33 which is a bargain in Key West for fine dining. The setting was with white tablecloths and crystal wine glasses. We both had the tuna, ordered rare, the only way, and it was outstanding. The dessert was Key Lime pie but not merely the pie, also a side of whipped cream with a strawberry, very picturesque.

I'll return the car in the morning and then we'll plan more adventures for the rest of the week.