Friday, March 30, 2018

Key West - Last day blues

Everyone was studiously critiquing a painting when I stepped in.
That's the painter at the far right, Mike Rooney
How did everything pass by so quickly? We only got to see Barry Cuda play twice, Fiona was performing for us only twice, we never got to see Jimmy Olsen play the grand piano at The Gardens hotel. It's true we've only been here a little over two months, maybe that's just not enough time! We're determined that next year it's going to be a race to get to Key West once we return to Titusville. Why do B and C stops when there's an A stop waiting for us!

The Gallery on Greene Street
Meanwhile, we celebrated our last day by visiting art studios. Ann loves to talk to the artists when they have a reception, talking shop so to speak. Her favorite art studio is The Gallery On Greene Street which features our all-time favorite artist in Key West, Peter Vey. His work is extraordinary when viewed in person. He doesn't use a brush, just a pallet knife but the colors and composition place him at another level. But then, so does his prices, typically $20,000 to $40,000 per painting.

This year we were blessed to have every member of our extended family visit us in Key West for a week. That's hard to improve upon. On top of that, we had Finn with us for homeschooling for a couple of months in January and February. I think it helps that we're in a warm climate when things up north add a little contrast. We do enjoy all our visits!

Saturday looks like a good day to head east to Marathon. We'll have a light headwind of around 10 kts or less so it ought to be fine. If the weather holds, we'll wind up in Ft Lauderdale by Wednesday afternoon but that's asking a lot from the weatherman. It's amazing the variations we're still getting out of the various forecasting services. We mostly go with PocketGrib due to it's simplicity and past accuracy but no service is perfect. We generally take the forecasts one day at a time.


Anonymous said...

Safe travels north! We left the same day last year from Key West, Stock Island north to VA. When you have a moment a question on Aqua Map, I do not see the ICW magenta line shown on this app is it a setting or just not there given the base charts? Thanks Bob. Lin Earley