Thursday, March 29, 2018

Key West - A visit with friends and Cafe Sole

Harve and Christina's house on Southard Street 
There was more boat work today along the lines of an oil change and filter change for the Volvo. I moved stuff from the cockpit lockers to the aft cabin. Even though I certainly know better, I just carry along too much stuff. When it comes time to remove items off the boat, I just look at them and think, "Well, I just might, possibly, perhaps, need it sometime in the future..." So I suffer from boater's seizure, I just can't bring myself to move to land what I could ever, possibly use. The result is another boater's malady, boat overload. This time when I touch land at home, I've resolved to fix the problem once and for all, things are going to go! (really...?)

Harve and Christina - great couple
Harve and Christina invited us over for cocktails this afternoon and we both had a great time. We always enjoy meeting friends along the way. They had a lovely house on Southard Street and we walked over in the evening breezes. After leaving, we decided to have dinner at nearby Cafe Sole. Ann had tuna and I had sole, both were good. 

We decided not to walk to  a restaurant near Fleetwing but chose to eat close by first at Cafe Sole
It looks like Saturday is a better day to head north so we'll spend one more day in Key West and then start out in earnest.