Saturday, March 24, 2018

Key West - An Art Tour and Barry in the Evening

What the tourists see off the boat in Key West - just like any Caribbean town
We do take the weekends off from all boat work and just spend more time enjoying Key West. For today's adventure, we went to the local art gallery that only accepts works from local artists. Some were okay, most were not but Ann still enjoyed seeing their works. I wasn't able to take photos, they were forbidden as they are in most galleries.

Buy a pretty trinket - cheap
So we spent an hour or so browsing. Our next stop was to the tourist section of Key West. It's the area right by where the cruise ships come in. We've talked to friends who frequent cruise ships who complained about stops at Key West. They related that it was just crowded and full of cheap, tourist shops. Well, yeah, that's the case right by the cruise ship docking area. They display what sells which says more about the tourists than Key West. Plus, those on the cruise ships never sample the fine cuisine that Key West has to offer, they all eat on board.

We found an artist in his own shop, beautiful work in metal - Native Colors is the name of the shop
We browsed through the tourist shell shop with shells never seen within a 1000 miles of Key West. Enough of that, we just enjoyed the 78 degree weather with full sun, it was great.

He had dozens of works on display
Our next stop was in a small shop, Native Colors, where we never expected to see anything of value but found a man who made his own sculptures in metal. He burnished the metal surface to show a range of colors. The effects were very beautiful. He doesn't even have a website but does have a Facebook page. They were reasonably priced too.

We wound up with an hour of Barry at BO's Fishwagon, the best way to end the day in Key West
Ann bought a seahorse sculpture for our back porch in New York. We walked back to the boat and had leftovers from our outing at Bien but then found out that Barry Cuda was back from his European trip and playing at BO's Fishwagon tonight. That was a treat we didn't want to miss so Ann and I found a stool and listens to good piano playing for about an hour. What a perfect day in paradise.