Friday, January 15, 2016

Titusville - Headed for Vero Beach on Saturday

The  barbs point in the direction that the wind is coming from. With 20 to 25 kt winds, not good for Thursday, this morning it was a light wind out of the north, ha!
The weather is not behaving. This morning we had a great plan to go down the coast from Ft Lauderdale to Miami and on to Caesar's Creek all in one day followed by anchoring out at Rodriguez Key the following night and then Newfound Harbor. From there it would have been a short hop to Key West. However,  between 8:00 am this morning and 5:00 pm this afternoon, the forecast completely changed! Now Thursday is a terrible day to go outside down to Caesar's Creek and forget about Rodriguez Key with a now predicted east wind greater than 10 kts (it was predicted to be a wind less than 10 kts out of the north, perfect for the anchorage).

More detail from SwellInfo, also not good for Thursday. This morning they predicted light winds out of the north for this day
As you can see, our sources are PocketGrib and SwellInfo, both are good apps for the weather, it's just that you can't depend upon them for more than a three day outlook at most. However, both of these apps are usually 24 hours ahead of the NOAA Coastal Forecasts which seem to lag.

To make matters worse, Friday is not good either for going south. I think we'll just wait this out.
So on top of everything else, all the anchorages are crowded with boaters waiting for a window to cross the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas. In the midst of that we'll try to shoehorn into Vero Beach. It's usually about 5 to 10 degrees warmer than Titusville and the winter winds are persisting here. To make matters even worse, our usual hangout spot at Marine Stadium in Miami is the location of the Miami boat show this year due to the remodeling of the convention center. So what to do? We'll just watch the weather, like everybody else, and look for a window.



Fred Brillo said...

Welcome to Florida! Looks like yet another front will pass through on Sunday...

Bob423 said...

Yep, another one is coming. We'll probably stay in Vero for awhile