Sunday, January 17, 2016

Vero Beach - The winds lessen

The beach is only a mile away - cool today though
It was a wild Saturday night with the winds peaking at 30 kts and a couple of line storms coming through the anchorage. However, even though we were doubled up on the mooring like most cruisers here, there were no problems. The moorings are secure and if you pay attention to how your lines are attached with fore and aft spring lines, you won't have a problem. Most boats here are single or double moored but there's one with three boats on a single mooring. Perhaps it's one left over from more crowded conditions. At least they don't turn people away if they are crowded.

I'm still fascinated by the live oaks - they look so majestic
Walking the mile to the ocean, it looked angry. We'll wait for calmer conditions for our run from Ft Lauderdale to Miami. According to grib, Sunday appears to be a good day to make it all the way to Caesar's Creek but then the forecasts always seem to change just when you're ready to act. We're just too far away to take advantage of last minute forecast changes so we've decided to get closer. We'll start our trip south again on Wednesday so we're staged when the forecast suddenly improves (we hope!)

Meanwhile we'll catch the local free bus for a trip to Publix and provisions on Monday and wait out the high winds until Wednesday morning. We met our neighbors this afternoon, they returned from the weekend ashore and it turns out that they're from Maine. Ann graduated from the University of Maine so we have something in common.