Friday, January 29, 2016

Newfound Harbor - Last day

The morning sunrise
The winds have finally, finally abated! It wasn't until 4:00 pm that the winds dropped  below 15 kts for the first time in four days but now at 7:00 pm it's only 10 kts or so. With a good forecast for Saturday of only 10 to 15 kts out of the east, we're headed for Key West, finally. There still haven't been any good days for boats going to the Bahamas so Marathon must be as crowded as ever. We're very happy just staying in Key West.

Picnic Island has a very nice beach
For the most part, there have only been two boats here in our anchorage. Another one pulled in this afternoon with a small dog. As I mentioned before, one of the attractions of this anchorage is the availability of pet relief at Picnic Island on a sandy beach. It can be a little thin reaching the anchorage, down to 5.5 MLW but in the area just off the island, it's more like 7 to 9 ft.

A view to the southwest
There's a large, square shaped "boat" that's been here ever since we arrived and it looks rather permanent. We waved to the captain who's a look alike for Ernest Hemingway. The boat obviously doesn't move very fast and looks more like a floating house. There's a bill that just moved out of committee in Florida and will go to the general assembly on prohibiting anchoring in certain areas of Miami. It seems the rich folks don't want to look out their front porch and see us anchored in their view of the water. Nevermind that they don't own the water, they don't want what they consider "eyesores". It moved out of committee on a unanimous 12-0 vote, guess who the committee members got their campaigne donations from? It's not law yet but if it passes, then many more no anchoring  areas are sure to  be added. The rich don't want their view "spoiled". See Anchoring Ban News

Well, we're sure looking forward to Key West, we should arrive sometime around 1:00 or so at our usual dock of E14, can't wait!