Monday, January 18, 2016

Vero Beach - High in the 50's today

The winds were still howling out of the north but this side street was protected by the live oaks. 
It been a cold winter down here so far and everybody is still stacked up waiting for good weather to cross over into the Bahamas. The Marathon waiting list for a mooring is still 35 boats and all the marinas in Marathon are filled to capacity. Adding to the lack of mooring or docking space is the closure of the popular Marine Stadium anchorage in Miami due to the Miami boat show. So, in short, everything is full.

Meanwhile we took the free bus to Publix and refilled our larder with fresh vegetables and other perishables. Now we're just waiting for comfortable weather for the trip south. Wednesday still looks good to head to our anchorage in Hobe Sound and then on to Ft Lauderdale.

Packed marina with one of the few single boats in the foreground
Vero Beach continues to be packed. There's even one mooring with three boats although most have only two with the occasional odd one boat here and there. On top of everything else, the A/C heat mode stopped working this afternoon. I'll look at that tomorrow. I know there's a solenoid that activates to switch between heat mode and cooling mode, perhaps that malfunctioned. The unit was heating fine but then started pumping out cold air after 60 minutes or so of working fine. The compressor is still running which resulted in 55F air coming out (full cooling mode). So something is messed up with the changeover to heat mode, more troubleshooting on Tuesday.