Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Newfound Harbor - last day

Sunrise at Newfound Harbor
The weather looks good for an early morning run to Key West. The afternoon is not so hot, rain and wind strengthening out of the west. With that we plan on a 7:00 am departure to reach Key West by 10:00 or so. I called the marina today and there's someone in my slip (E14) that's supposed to leave in the morning. Hopefully he's gone by the time we arrive.

You would never know that the winds today in Hawk Channel were between 20 and 25 kts with a rating of "Extremely Rough". The anchorage here is calm as can be even though it appears to be open to the south and southwest. The winds are due to abate on Thursday, our departure date.

The square boat - it's not moving anytime soon - good turning point for the island at night
There's one other "boat" in the anchorage. It's a floating house with a boat registration. It's square shaped and is apparently anchored with stakes into the bottom. He has solar panels all around and appears to have all the comforts of home. One wonders what he does for sanitation. At night he makes a convenient turning point for entering the anchorage to the island for Hoolie relief. Tomorrow it's Key West!


Fred Brillo said...

You guys have suffered through some pretty awful weather this winter in Florida... its hard to believe but this is actually our DRY SEASON....hopefully it will improve in the next few days and we will get back to a more normal pattern for you.

Bob423 said...

Hi Fred,

Looks like it's yet another day of sitting. We had intended leaving for Key West early this morning to beat the storms of the afternoon but then the forecast changed with a small craft advisory and storms. When we looked ar radar we saw the storms approaching and Key West was already engulfed. With that we decided for yet another lay-over day. The next window now looks like Saturday. I can't imagine anchored outside Marathon with a southwest wind, we saw at least a dozen boat there when we passed yesterday.

Please order some better weather for us!