Monday, January 11, 2016

Titsuville - Cold and colder but good donuts at Donuts4U

We do like our donuts but not promising from the outside
We have a tradition of having donuts on Sunday mornings and since we had a car this past weekend, we continued the tradition in good style. When in a remote location we might settle for Dunkin Donuts but they are on the bottom of the tier of donut heaven. Next up are Krispy Kreme which aren't bad if you can't get anything else better locally.

However, in Titusville there is one place that has the best donuts on the ICW, Donuts 4U.  Now that is saying a lot and the place does not look promising from the outside, it looks like a joint and not somewhere you might find donut heaven. They bake everything on the premises. The lady waits on the customers while the husband does the baking.

Great selection and best of all - they are just great donuts
So what's the difference between good and bad donuts? For example, a jelly donut should yield to a bite without squishing out the filling (Dunkin Donuts fails this test every time). The sugar glazed should be crunchy and they should be of good size and most of all fresh out of the oven. They have a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating on Google and 4.5 out of 5 on Yelp. They are within walking distance of the Titusville Municipal Marina and we go there every Sunday when we're in town.

Meanwhile, we are hunkered down at a dock with electricity to feed our heaters. The low Monday night is predicted to be 44! We're going to brave the cold weather right here until things warm up later in the week. So far it looks like Saturday would be a good day to restart our trip south with a high of 76 forecasted. Titusville will be the last marina we'll stay in until Key West. From here on out it's either anchoring out or a mooring, mostly anchoring out. We've changed out arrival date in Key West to 1/29 since it's a leap year.