Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Titusville - We find a boat from PYC

The boat was previously at the Poughkeepsie YC, now in Titusville headed to Key West!
I was walking towards town to buy some ice cream when I was stopped by a guy who recognized the Poughkeepsie YC jacket I was wearing. He was from Kingston, NY, just a short way north of PYC and had bought a boat for sale at my club. He had sailed it down the ICW to Titusville and was on the way to Key West!

We knew the previous owners of the boat and in fact we were the sponsors for Ryszard and Jadwiga when they applied for membership to the club. They were originally from Poland and applied for migration to the US when there was a lottery in place and they won the lottery. So they came over from Poland and found a boat in the Chesapeake (I think) and took it north to PYC. Later on they wanted a bigger boat and sold it to John Ryan who had totalled his boat.

John Ryan is now the proud owner and is headed for a warmer climate!
It's strange how a sequence of events work out. Richard won the lottery and came to the US, John totalled his boat and bought Ryszard's. John decided to come south and stay at the same marina I was at, I happened to be walking towards town and John was coming in the opposite direction at the same time, he recognized my jacket with PYC on it - and we met. Any slight variation of timing would have resulted in us never meeting, odd how things work out.

I continue to meet people I do not know. I'll pass by someone and they'll say, "Are you Bob423?" Of course I answer and they mention that they follow my Active Captain postings on hazards when coming down the ICW. Ann and I have a system that I read off the depths and she records them. On my next session off the wheel, I'll enter the new readings and directions into Active Captain, usually within an hour or so of when we passed through the hazard area and always corrected to MLW according to the nearest tide station. I hope people find them useful, I try to comment on every hazard listed in Active Captain.