Sunday, April 19, 2015

Wahoo Island Anchorage - at anchor

Storms, storms and more storms - talk about rainy weather!
We delayed our departure from Jekyll Island until 8:00 am to allow a 5 ft high tide to build and as it turned out, we didn't need all of the 5 ft, we could have left at 7:00 am. We knew there was a cold front coming through with a lot of serious storms out in front and it was a race between us and them! We had about 50 miles to go to reach Wahoo Island and the notorious Mud River along the way. We are in the time of drain tides (-1.5 ft today below datum) and so we would have been plowing mud if we had attempted Mud River at low. But we had it timed to reach the river with a 5 ft tide to take the jitters out of the passage.

Meanwhile, we're watching the approaching front with severe weather warning all along the advancing storms. They were due to hit us between 3:00 and 4:00 and we were due in the anchorage right at 3:00 pm. So we rushed and anchored and threw the motor on the dinghy and got Hoolie in just before the storms hit. There was lots of lightning and high winds but our 66 lb Spade anchor never had a problem, we were secure.

Oh but after the storms passed...
After the storms passed, the night is serene. Not much wind and a beautiful sunset. Today's front is supposed to sweep out all the rainy weather we've been having the last week. We are sure looking forward to that! We will be in Savannah by 2:00 pm we think.