Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Barefoot Landing Marina - at a dock

Barefoot Landing is next to the marina - great for walking around
The rains came today so we decided to sit it out in comfort at a dock with heat. The temperature outside is only 69, not exactly summer weather. My problem with the windlass was the first priority and I used Google to find a dealer with the new motor I needed even though Lewmar discarded their stock after 10 years of being a discontinued model (Horizon Express). The dealer wanted more than list price but after all he was the only game in town so I ordered the motor.  Lewmar advised I ought to buy a new windlass! Even Beneteau parts was no help, they had no spares for the windlass and also advised me to buy a new windlass, what a racket. Apparently, Beneteau got a good price on a soon to be discontinued model and installed them on all their 2004 boats before Lewmar discontinued that model windlass in 2005.

So I had another boat anchor without a new motor but one's on the way now. I took the windlass covers off again and examined the brushes and they appeared to be fine, plenty of graphite left so there's something not right with the motor itself since it's receiving power correctly (checked with a Fluke meter).

Now this guy is headed through "The Rock Pile" - how would you like to meet him?
So that's where the day went, isn't it fun owning a boat. I guess as the boat ages, you have to expect repairs to be required. I bought Fleetwing in 2004 so everything is at the 11 year point. The boat systems itself (main, jib, roller furling, main furling, winches, etc.) have been fine, it's the accessories that have been failing (and replaced: genset, injector pump, raw water pump, fresh water pump, A/C, freezer condenser, house water pump, etc.) I used to joke with by wife Ann that every year the boat is getting newer. The replacements have held up much better than the original units, all are going strong.

On Thursday we are headed to Carolina Beach State Park Marina up the Cape Fear River. If all goes according to plan, we'll have a flood tide pushing us up the river. It's not fun battling a 2.5 kt current going north. PS, we didn't see Pirate today, perhaps too cold?


Allan Gray, Bev Bethune said...

I have the same windlass, I found a guy in the UK who stocks all the spare parts anyone would need. If you're interested for future needs send me an email.