Saturday, April 18, 2015

Jekyll Island - at anchor

This guy dropped out of the sky, I don't know if he's the same one or a new fellow - seems to enjoy the ride
We got our fresh veggies at the Fernandina farmers market this morning and then headed out for Jekyll Island. We passed by a submarine base on the way north that sports a degaussing enclosure for submarines. You don't want them to become magnetized because then they would be easily detectable by enemy ships. Sometimes they have submarines in dry dock but not today.

A submarine degausser but we didn't see any submarines around
Onward we went to Jekyll Island and dropped the hook in one of our favorite anchorages. Of course it had convenient Hoolie relief in the form of a free, floating dock - a must for us when traveling the ICW. We had thought about going on through Jekyll but it's notorious for shallow water, down to 3 to 4 ft at low and today was a drain tide, -1.5 ft below a normal low.

A drain tide - 1.5 feet below a normal low tide, no water at all by the docks. 
However, now we are in sync with the tides and we'll start out Sunday at 8:00 am for the Wahoo Creek anchorage passing through all the shallow spots with a high tide, the only way to do it. Meanwhile, we are still enduring afternoon thunderstorms with lots of rain but so far we've been able to reach an anchorage before the storms started rolling through, hopefully our luck will hold on Sunday for the Wahoo anchorage.