Monday, April 27, 2015

Barefoot Landing Marina - at a dock

There is a wild animal exhibit here - when Hoolie walked by, they got excited (wanted to play?)
Today was a perfect day for traveling. The skies were clear and we had full sun for warming the cockpit. We have noticed the cooling temperatures as we moved north, this morning it was 57! The trip between Georgetown and Myrtle Beach (Barefoot Landing) is one of the prettiest on the ICW. You go north on the Waccamaw River which is mostly undeveloped with abundant wildlife. We know there are alligators from our visit to a planation last year but we didn't see any today.

Lots of freeloading turtles and fish - the feed boxes are right nearby
We arrived at the face dock at Barefoot Landing around 3:30 pm, a long day lengthened by the adverse current of 2 kts against us all the way up the river, reminded me of the Hudson River in that respect.

We have our usual spot by the flag
We like Barefoot Land for two reasons: it easy to walk around and explore the shops and there's Greg Norman's Australian Grill right next door. They have the best steaks I've ever had and we plan on sampling them again this trip on Tuesday.

The weather ahead does not look good. Tuesday is fine but then thunderstorms and rain return on Wednesday and Thursday. We may just sit out the storms right here where it's comfortable. We'll watch the forecasts and see.


Anonymous said...

Did Pirate show today or jump ship in Southport?