Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hobe Sound - At anchor

This guy was gliding all over the water on jets of water!
We could really promote our anchor of last night to one of our favorites. It was a very quiet night, good holding and a free dinghy dock. We went to shore this morning to walk and there's a long walkway right by the anchorage for several miles, just ideal. All this without exploring downtown West Palm Beach which looked very interesting. Best of all, it's free.

They are still working on the  bridge just north of the anchorage so it only opens once per hour at 15 past the hour. We took the 9:15 opening and headed out. We hit all the  bridges on time without waiting and made our next anchorage at Hobe Sound by 1:15 pm. It was an early stop for us but there's no better anchorage within reach before coming to Vero Beach, our next stop.

We are really enjoying the warm weather with highs now in the 80's but always with a cooling breeze off the ocean that reaches the ICW all the time. We're the only ones in the Hobe Sound anchorage tonight and we still have the convenient beach for Hoolie relief nearby on the western shore. On the eastern shore are all the very expensive homes on Jupiter Island, including Tiger Wood's estate. The western shore is a bird sanctuary so it's deserted.

Along the way we saw this guy gliding across the water on jets of water shooting out from under his boots! What a strange sight. He had a hose connected to a nearby Sea Doo to supply the water pressure apparently.

On Jupiter Island, Notice the Hinckley Picnic Boat on the lift, a $450,000 accessory
We have about 40 miles to go on Thursday to reach Vero Beach where we will overnight before moving on to Titusville. The weather continues to be fantastic with rain nonjexistent. I'm sure this won't last all the way to New York but we can hope.