Tuesday, April 14, 2015

St Augustine - at a mooring

This guy fell from the sky, no overhead trees, no overhead bridges - how did he get here?
We left around 7:00 am from West Palm Beach since we were concerned about afternoon thunderstorms but as it turned out, none developed. Our intended destination was Ft Matanzas but we reached there before noon and with the favorable weather report, decided to press onward to St Augustine.

El Galeon in St Augustine
St Augustine is a fun town to explore with lots of shops and walkways where cars are not allowed. However, their mooring field leaves much to be desired. It's a long ways from the marina and we invariably get one of the last moorings further away from the dinghy dock. Today we were given the next to last mooring in the field, ugh! The current runs very strong since it's so close to the inlet and with any wind at all, it's a bumpy ride with wind against tide. So the town is fun but the moorings leave much to be desired. They also have docks but we didn't want to pay for that, besides, with the 1 to 2 kt current, it's lots of fun getting into the slips.

So we walked Hoolie through town and he met many admirers. We always seem to stop and chat with people along the way about Hoolie and Brittanys and today was no exception. The ride back to the boat was typical St Augustine, bouncy, some spray, etc. We'll leave in the morning for Jacksonville and Harbortown Marina where we know that dockmaster. They no longer take in transients after one couple sued the marina after they "tripped and fell" for $5000. So they ruined the marina for the honest travelers, what crooks. However, the dockmaster knows us and we're still allowed to stay there.


Perry said...

I think you meant to say you left Daytona and not West Palm Beach. Unless you drove your boat up I-95. LoL.

Unknown said...

Hi Bob & Ann, I found your blog via a link on today's Active Captain email. I see you made a stop at St Augustine earlier this month. Did you know we have a 9am Cruisers Net on VHF channel 72? I am one of the net monitors"S/V KOKOPELLI".We also have a closed Facebook group page I would like to invite both of you to join. We also try to have SACN get togethers once a month. Our group is very interested in providing a cruiser friendly stop on the ICW. We have made some strides in that direction but we still have work to do. We look forward to your comments and any observations you would like to share with us.Hope I get to meet you two in person when you pass our way again in the fall! Linda R Allen SACN

Bob423 said...

Nope, it was West Palm Beach, between the bridges, just south of Flagler bridge - in West Palm Beach.