Monday, April 6, 2015

Ft Lauderdale - at a mooring

The Gulf Stream is just off shore and the clouds always seem to build up over it
We took the day off and did laundry, such fun. However, the laundry facilities here are excellent and we needed the service so we took advantage of it. We also needed a few odds and ends and first thought of the nearest 7/11 store but they've been superseded by CVS which has a much better selection of food. They've expanded over the last few years into groceries as well as drugs. There's always a CVS nearby somewhere and they have all the short term necessities like milk, butter, ice cream and even wine.

Wine time with a sunset, what's better?
So we plan on an 8:15 departure on Tuesday to brave the 15 bridges ahead of us. We'll probably not make all of them on time since we have been slowed down by accumulations from Key West on the hull to only 6.5 kts vs our usual 7.3 kts. We already have a diver scheduled at Titusville to clean the hull and a rental car at $10/day from Enterprise (weekend rate).

With everything now set, we hope to make Titusville by Friday afternoon, at least that's the plan.