Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Harbortown in Jacksonville - at a dock

The bridge next to the marina - the current runs 6 kts here!
We dodged thunderstorms all day and somehow we missed all of them. The current is fierce near St Augustine with speeds as great as 2.5 kts, mostly against us on the way to Jacksonville. As soon as we pulled into our slip the heavens opened up with a downpour, we just made it.

Harbortown is a private community that allows slips to be rented to transients, at least that was the practice until one of the renters of a slip found a way to trip and fall and sued the community for $5000, supposedly the doctor fees. They apparently had a scam going and it was cheaper to settle out of court than fight it - which the ones suing knew, of course. The end result was the elimination of all dock rentals to transients - except for people known personally by the dockmaster which includes us. It is really unfortunate that all it takes is a couple of bad apples to spoil a good thing for everybody! The couple probably proceeded to run the scam all down the ICW, too bad.

We're tucked away, we are the only ones on the transient docks
Well, we have our slip for the night and once again we're watching thunderstorms. They seem to develop just in the afternoon so our traveling time is in the morning. We are now adjusting our start times to get in tune with the high tides going up the ICW. There is some seriously thin water ahead (Mud River, Hell Gate and many more) all the way to Georgetown, South Carolina. We will probably spend three days in Fernandina doing just that, getting in sync with the high tides. Since Georgia and South Carolina care not for their part of the ICW, that's all that can be done.