Friday, April 24, 2015

Charleston - at the Maritime Center, windlass debug

Ann visited the downtown marketplace - lots of spices and many other items of interest
I went forward to look at the windlass today and noticed quite a bit of clay mud in the wildcat, between the wildcat and the windlass housing. It was caked in the gap and so I cleaned it out. I guess the wildcat (the rotating drum) could have seen a lot of friction form the caked on mud, perhaps that slowed down the pull? The windlass seemed to work  better after the cleaning so we'll see if that's the problem the next time we anchor, stay tuned.

A staircase that would do any mansion credit - in a hotel here
Ann got her fix at the nearest Chico's while I wandered over to the nearest CVS to draw out some traveling money. CVS along with Walgreen's are among the few places that do not charge for using an ATM (no fee for withdrawals). I guess they figure it's good for business to have customers come to the store to draw out cash.

They were having a gala to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the aquarium - here's the receptionist
Back at the boat, Saturday will be a layover day due to rain and thunderstorms from a northern front. You don't fight the weather so we'll start out again on Sunday for Georgetown and then Barefoot Landing. There's some very skinny water between Charleston and Georgetown so we'll have to pay close attention to our navigation but we've done it before and this time it will be on a rising tide.