Thursday, April 2, 2015

Marathon - On a mooring

This is all there is to Marathon - somehow it misses the ambiance of Key West
The Marathon anchorage is a sea of moorings, 226 to be exact. There is still room to anchor but they are in  areas furthest from the marina, of course. We have Hoolie which we take in three times a day so we like to be closer to the dinghy docks than we would be if we anchored. We were due in yesterday past the time the office closed so we called ahead and they assigned us a mooring for the night at 5:30 pm. We picked it up around 7:00 pm and paid the next day.

It was fun just lazing around on the boat. We did have our morning walks and runs and the area close to the marina was fine for that. The closest supermarket is Publix about a mile away so I took a hike and bought a few odds and ends, especially more ice cream. 
However, they do have nice sunsets
Looking at the weather, it appears that we'll be here until Saturday morning when the winds back off a bit and we'll head east again, hopefully making Caesar's Creek and then Marine Stadium at Miami the next day followed by Ft Lauderdale on Tuesday - if all goes according to plan (ha!)