Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rodriguez Key - At Anchor

Stiltlsville - a collection of houses on stilts off Miami
We left Marine Stadium at first light since we had 50 miles to go for Rodriguez Key. Unfortunately, you cannot get very close to shore, we're anchored 0.6 miles off, Kind of strange being out in the middle of the ocean at anchor but it's only 8 ft at high tide here and we expect it to reach only 5.5 ft at low since it's a drain tide tonight. Still, it's nice and calm for now and it's supposed to remain so throughout the night. The trip to shore for Hoolie relief is a long dink ride, especially his last one in the dark! On the other hand, it's a great night for looking at stars - no lights and no moon with no clouds! It's a rare place anymore where you can see the sky without light pollution, we certainly can't do that at home.

It's a loooog dinghy ride from shore to Fleetwing!
The color of the water has changed to the light blue of the Florida Keys, beautiful. We're off to Marathon on Friday and hopefully one of the 240 moorings there. It is possible to anchor but all the best spots are taken up by moorings. We plan on meeting Don and Liz Bunch there for the trip to Key West on Feb 1.