Saturday, January 28, 2012

Newfound Harbor - at anchor

Hoolie's friend - they ran and ran
Newfound Harbor is roughly halfway between Marathon and Key West and it sports an island perfect for Hoolie. In fact, it should be renamed from "Picnic Island" to "Dog Run Island". People from all over take dog and  boat to the island with most of them stopping a short distance away from shore with the dog jumping in the water and wading to the sandy beach.

That's us in the distance
We picked our time carefully, we thought, and took Hoolie ashore when no one was on the beach. However, just as we came to shore, a small powerboat came up with a large dog leaping out - hummm. Hoolie saw all this and was excited at having someone to play with. There was nothing to do but let them have at it. His playmate loved the water and waded all around, Hoolie watched, learned and joined in, much to our dismay (a wet, salty, sandy dog on board was not what we had in mind). Eventually we got Hoolie back, much soaked but happy and back to the boat we went for a washdown for Hoolie, which he did not appreciate.

On the night run we just about repeated the experience since the tide was way out and we had to wade in several hundred feet to dry land with Hoolie splashing along as I waded in. Oh well, Hoolie seemed happy.

Well of course, another sunset picture!
On the way to Newfound Harbor, we noticed that the engine was now running around 95C, about 5C higher than before and a grand total of 15C above historical levels. This is not good. I did all the standard stuff (checked water filter, new water pump and impeller, etc.) but nothing seemed to help. We'll try to limp into Key West and see about getting it fixed sometime while we're there. As Marty said, "It's a boat".


Thehoc1 said...

Bob,Make sure you take Hoolie for a lengthy dog run before the Giant game. You do not Ann to say:"Bob you missed a TD,the Giants just scored"......Marty H