Monday, January 23, 2012

Marathon - Recovering from late night, dinner at Lazy Days

The view from the porch of Lazy Days restaurant
For a sailboater, it was a late night, 11:00 pm watching the Giants game which went into overtime. Recovering this morning, we had to take on water. At Marathon City moorings, you call ahead to reserve the water dock for your refill. After filling up we had a familiar situation with wind coming into the dock off the starboard side, pinning us to the dock on the port side. However, by now we know how to handle that spot. Just tie off the bow to a cleat or piling, power forward which swings the aft out, away from the dock - when far enough, put it in reverse, release the bow line (!!) and back out - avoiding any chance of contact with the dock. It worked like a charm - anybody watching us would think we know what we're doing (ha).

Right next door to the restaurant - so that's what powerboats are meant for...
Lazy Days is a local restaurant with a glorious view of the setting sun. Coming in a 5:00 pm, we had a table right on the porch with a sunscreen in place since the sun was still hot (got to 79 today!). When the sunset started to show good color, a waiter came along and raised all the shades so everyone could enjoy the show without obstructions. The photo you see at the top of the page is just as it appeared, other than reducing the resolution to save space and load times for the blog, there is no photo retouching - the sunset really did look like that! It's an amazing sight.

On Tuesday we're renting a car for the day to provision and do some sightseeing. Enterprise will bring the car right to the marina at no extra charge, good service.