Monday, January 9, 2012

Hobe Sound Anchorage

Typical Jupiter Island home, across from our anchorage
When I talked to the service manager this morning at Hinckley, he was very pessimistic that he had anyone to work on my boat until Tuesday - too late! As it worked out, the service technician came by to inspect the problem and found (as I mentioned to the service manager) that access to the repair was easy, the water pump was right in front of the engine, facing the access hatch. He had the pump off in no time but then he had to take it into the shop for a gear puller to remove the gear and transfer it to the new pump. Had I tried replacing the pump by myself, I would have been stopped by my lack of a gear puller on board to fit the water pump. So we were out of there by 10:30 in the morning, a great start after the disappointment of yesterday.

Our Fleetwing at anchor in Hobe Sound
We continued our trip sound and noticed that the engine was running somewhat hotter than normal (as it had been for the last couple of months). Fortunately, the engine temperature at 90C was just higher than the normal 80C and not in the overheat zone. It's certainly not the water pump or impeller since it was just replaced. We'll get that taken care on of the trip back if the boat lets us do that.

Moon over Fleetwing!
Tonight it's dead calm with a full moon, just beautiful!! The low tonight is to be 60F with a high on Tuesday of 79F, not bad! After the interruption for the repair, we're starting to get back into cruising mode with relaxing days and evenings admiring the views. On Tuesday we're aiming for Palm Beach Yacht Center and a visit with Joe Mastri, should be fun.