Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Palm Beach Yacht Center - at a dock

Great way to start the morning!
We needed to get an early start to brave the 12 bridges we had to traverse today so when I looked out the back, the sunrise was just forming and required some serious admiration. On to the dinghy and Hoolie relief, then up the anchor and off. Unfortunately, the current was against us which is very bad for making bridges on time. With 1.5 kts of current against us on the first leg, we missed the first bridge by 5 min which resulted in a 25 min wait for the next scheduled opening. Likewise for two other bridges bringing the total loss time to 1.5 hours of learning how to tread water in a sailboat. Oh well, with temps in the upper 70's and full sun, it wasn't too bad.

The name is "T/T hemisphere"! - some tender
We've stayed at the Palm Beach Yacht Center several times but it has little to recommend it - except that it's close to Joe Mastri, a dear friend of ours from the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club. The docks are very challenging since they don't have cleats, just piling to tie off to - especially since you seldom have dockhand help coming in. Sometime they're there and sometime they're not, mostly not. Later, we all went out to the Banana Boat, a local restaurant, for a fine dinner by the ICW.

On Wednesday we'll do some provisioning and more visiting with Joe Mastri before heading south again on Thursday for Ft Lauderdale.