Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Palm Beach Yacht Center - Last day visiting with Joe Mastri

Some towns spend extra to make a "nice" bridge. This is just north of Joe's place
We went to a local marine store, Sam's and Winn Dixie for provisions. We had heard of a boater in a dinghy without proper lights at night being fined $90 by the local marine police in Ft Lauderdale. We had planned to pick up a mooring there and would need our dinghy to go ashore. We have the right lights for our dinghy but when we picked up a new outboard motor earlier this year, I forgot to remove the light mount off the old motor, oops! I had wanted to mount the light higher anyway to get the light above eye-level (blinding at night otherwise). After much discussion and some impatience from my fellow shoppers (Ann and Joe), I finally settled on an extendable pole. Now I just have to mount it on the dinghy.

The are 800 units where Joe lives, he's in the bottom, right corner apt
We're due for two cold fronts, a minor one came through today which caused more wind than anything else, it's still 71 here at 9:00 pm. Our plan is to reach Ft Lauderdale Thursday and then go outside to Miami on Friday to take advantage of the north winds and not too high seas which will build through the following days. The Marine Stadium anchorage across the bay from Miami will be a good place to ride out north winds. When they settle down, we'll head out down the Keys, probably later next week - at least that's the plan.