Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Key West - At Schooner's

Let's see, which one is E14?
Today was the day for the cableguy to come by for our installation, after all, I wanted to see the Giant's game in full HD. I met him on the dock and discovered that he was down from Bangor, Maine on a cross training assignment. He connected the cable but there was no signal. After several calls to the home office, he discovered that there was a cable junction box between me and shore that had to be connected for my slip - but he didn't know where it was! The technical backup came and pointed out a metal box on the dock containing all the wiring routing to the dock slips. So after about and hour or so of trying various solutions, he hooked up the right wire at the junction box and we had cable!

Excess fish, sure made the pelicans happy
We walked through downtown today and it's apparent that Key West is keeping up appearances. They have mechanical scrubbers to clean the sidewalks in the morning and street cleaners to clear all debris away. When they get done it looks pristine. All the shops look freshly painted and nobody seems to be loitering around, at least when we're out. We haven't done our walkthrough at night yet.

At Schooner's - dual voiced singer
So we had our dinner (yeah Ann on the cooking) and walked over to Schooner's with Hoolie. They allow dogs inside (well, sort of inside, it has a make shift roof of sorts and a gravel floor) and Hoolie settled down after awhile. The singer had two voices, one was her normal female voice but the other one she used was as deep as Johnny Cash's. I don't know how she did that but it was impressive, she could sing male and female duets (not at the same time - she would answer herself in alternating male and female voices).

The wind is still blowing hard, 20 to 30 kts with big waves. It looks like it won't settle down until sometime next week. We don't care, we're snug in our slip and the weather is warm - and we're in Key West!