Friday, January 27, 2012

Marathon - Key Fisheries

Regardless of the outside looks - they have very good seafood
Last night I sent off an e-mail with photos of the broken anchor swivel by Suncor and today I actually got a call from them. They thanked me for buying their product and apologized for the problem I had. After some discussion, they offered to replace the defective swivel with a new one which I accepted on the spot. They had advertised a "lifetime warranty" but many times that is not honored for various reasons (one being that's it's for the useful "lifetime" of the product - not your lifetime (ha)). At any rate, they took all the information and said they would mail me a replacement to my Key West address which I thought was very satisfactory.

Local humor on how to live on $15/day
We watch the weather patterns every day and in order to avoid some high winds and storms we will be leaving for Newfound Harbor on Saturday morning, staying one night, and then leaving the next morning for Key West. In the course of all this rearrangement of our schedule (we had not planned on arriving in Key West until Tuesday) we realized that the one month dock contract was for the same date, one month apart. So arriving on 1/29 results in the last day being 2/29, leaving on 1/3. We were shortchanging ourselves by considering our one month reservations to be only for February (2/1 - 2/29)! So we gained three more days in Key West for the same cost as before, great news.

Always around
I saw that the marina had in their ad on the internet that they had cable on the docks. In calling about that feature, I was told that yes they have the outlets but you would have to contact the cable company yourself to arrange hookup. Well, that wasn't so great but I called anyway and found that basic cable was only $21/month - but what about hookup? At first I was told it was $120! Then after some back and forth it came down to $30, still too much. More back and forth and finally we agreed on $13 for the hookup so we'll have 99 channels at Key West on our boat. It pays to complain and negotiate - and I get to watch the Giants game in the comfort of my salon.

Finally we visited Key Fisheries, a local seafood restaurant and market. Ann bought some Mahi-Mahi for dinner and I got sushi for an appetizer. Ann has become quite a fan of sushi so now I have someone to enjoy it with.