Monday, January 16, 2012

Marine Stadium - Skateboarders!

Skateboarding at the local park?
At Marine Stadium there's not a lot of places for skateboarding, but there is one place - sort of unlikely, at least I thought. Look at the first picture of the skateboarders. It's a long distance shot taken off the back of the boat so it's a little fuzzy. They are skateboarders taking advantage of a strange up and down terrain.

The real location - Marine Stadium
Now look at the second picture that shows where they are really at! Doesn't look like much good sense is being exercised and at one point, one of the skateboards fell off the roof onto the seats below, minus the rider who managed to stay on top. That was greeted with a lot of laughter from the ones on the roof. Good thing there was nobody in the seats below at the time.

Still practicing!
We hosted Michael Taylor for dinner tonight and heard more stories of his war time experiences. One being that he took a troop ship of German POWs back to Hamburg and was startled at the devastation. There was literally nothing standing, the residents were living underground, everything else was just rubble. Ann prepared a great meal and all were cheery.

Michael will likely leave Tuesday for the Bahamas but we'll wait one more day and leave Wednesday for Rodriguez Key which is halfway to Marathon.