Sunday, January 29, 2012

Key West - at a dock

Berthed at Key West Bight Marina - note the bow exit
We arrived at Key West today around 1:00 pm. No one was available to help us in so we came in by ourselves. Having been there last year, we now know how to prepare the lines (two up front for the dock cleats, two mid-ships led back for tying off to the pilings to keep us from surging forward and hitting the dock and two more to the same pilings to keep us from hitting the pilings). So we came in by ourselves and actually didn't have a problem. As last year, you get off the boat by stepping over the bow, there are no side docks. I had a plywood piece from last year that I saved and I reinstalled it this afternoon. It's a short step on and off the boat, no problem (the dock in front of the boat is the same height as the bow).

Our first stop - Cuban sandwiches for dinner ($6 each)
After that, I could just feel whatever tensions I had just melt away, Key West is such a great place. You're destined to hear about it for the next month if you follow the blog, it is so relaxing - hard to describe.

Still had the same problem with the diesel, it's running too hot, between 90 to 95C when it ought to be at 80C. Not sure what the problem is but I'll call some mechanics I know for advice on Monday. I've checked all the obvious things like impeller, water pump, raw water strainer, etc.

We're here now until at least 2/29, what a life.