Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Marathon - We rent a car for provisioning

"The Tree of Knowledge" - now you know...
There is an Enterprise car rental agency at the local airport so we picked up a car for a day ($38 with all taxes) to allow for easy provisioning. Enterprise will send a driver out to pick you up, our meeting place was "The Tree of Knowledge". It's a shade tree that the boaters gather under and swap stories - or knowledge as the saying goes. The local Publix was jammed packed, what a land office business they have. We contributed to the local economy, doing our part, and the boat is now ready for another month of cruising.

7 Mile Bridge - a long way!
Driving the car back from the rental agency was my first reintroduction to speeds above 7 kts! Boy, did  the road every go by fast at 45 MPH!! After picking up Ann and driving to Publix, she said to be careful and not speed - no tickets needed. I was only doing 35 in a 45 zone but being at 7 kts for months at a time can do that to you.

The bridge going south from here is 7 miles long over open water. Strange to be out in the middle of the ocean with just a bridge under you. The old span that it replaced is still there but in disrepair. It's still used by joggers and fishermen, cars are no longer allowed. On Wednesday we'll meet the McKeevers from the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club for a rare night out, should be fun.