Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vero Beach – We take the shuttle and Joe Mastri arrives

Nice airconditioned shuttle
In the morning we wanted to get the last of the things we needed for Thanksgiving Dinner so we took the shuttle into town. Well, the shuttle turned out to be an entire network of buses, nine lines in all that blanketed the Vero area. You could go to the beach, to Publix supermarket, to a local shopping center, to a huge mall – all by going to a central location and taking the appropriate bus. It’s an impressive operation for such a small town – which turns out not to be so small. The best part is that it’s all free, no charge at all for riding as many times as you want including all the exchanges at the hub for other locations.

We just took line 1 from the Vero Municipal Marina to the Publix supermarket which also featured dozens of other stores nearby (Radio Shack, West Marine, Fresh Foods supermarket, Panera, many restaurants and lots more). The air conditioned buses repeat their route once an hour which is about right for shopping.

Strange but beautiful trees
We had heard that if you’re on a mooring you had to be prepared to accept other boats rafted along side to as many as three to a mooring, it’s a tradition for Vero Beach. However, we saw many boats in the mooring field that were only one to a mooring. Perhaps they were not as busy as in past years?

Around 2:00 pm Joe Mastri arrived. Joe is the oldest member of the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club and he spends the winter in Florida after a summer of boating on the Hudson River. So tomorrow we plan on having the first PYC south Thanksgiving Dinners on our boat!