Monday, November 15, 2010

Fort Matanzas – we tour the fort

Ft Matanzas
It’s warming up down here. Today the high was 76 and Tuesday it’s supposed to reach 80. We took advantage of the warm weather to tour Ft Matanzas. It was built by the Spanish to guard the southern approach to St. Augustine. Now the inlet is not navigable but it was in the 1700’s when the fort was built. It’s now a national monument with no charge to the public for visiting. There’s a little ferry that operates every hour to take visitors to the fort which is on an island.

We see the ocean!
Traveling down the ICW, we rarely see the ocean but here we are very close so we beached our dinghy next to the ranger station on the mainland and walked the ½ mile to the beach. They allow you to drive on this beach like Daytona but the sand seems a lot softer than Daytona so they recommend only 4 wheel drive vehicles try the beach.

Sunset at Ft Matanzas
Other than that we’re just taking it easy and will probably stay yet another day before leaving for Daytona. We’re in no hurry and we’re enjoying the warm Florida weather before coming north for Christmas.