Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jensen Beach Anchorage – on the hook

We're behind the breakwater by the bridge
It was very tight getting out of our slip, I had to go back and forward about five times to clear everything. Any docking or undocking without damage is a good one even if it appears awkward. We stopped at the fuel dock to use the free pump out facility and then we were on or way south again. Once again it was warm, about 80, and we had everything opened up.

We saw one boat that was obviously grounded and couldn’t figure out whether it was abandoned or he just took a wrong turn. It didn’t look that bad but it didn’t have any sails either.

Wrong turn?
Our anchorage is on the south side of a bridge that has a park under it so it’s protected from wave action out of the north – where the wind is coming from tonight. As the ultimate plus, it has a free boat ramp with floating docks that’s perfect for Hoolie relief, always a consideration for us. We’re nearing the end of part I of out ICW trip south. Sunday we’ll drop the boat off at Loggerhead Marina in Stuart and rent a car for our drive north for the holidays, returning in January to continue our cruise to Key West. It should be quite a change in the weather for us!