Friday, November 5, 2010

Hinckley Marine – A Day of Friends

Lee and Emmarose Fry - Always cheerful
Jack Cothren who is also a member of the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club stopped by to say hello. It was nice of him to visit, we always enjoy visitors along the way. Then later in the way Lee and Emmarose Fry drove three hours to reach us for a visit. We had not see Lee for 40 years! He and I were young offices in the Air Force in Colorado Springs and were inseparable. Later when I returned home to marry Ann, she also became good friends with Lee. We had wondered at first if we would recognize each other, after all it had been 40 years, such a long time. Well, not to worry – we just picked up where we left off back in Colorado Springs, it was like old times again – except we are much older now. It’s nice top know that deep down people you know from the past don’t really change – you can still have fun together! I wonder if everybody feels that way.

Jack Cothren of PYC
Good news, the part arrived by “Red Express” on time and it was installed and the motor tested, we are good to go. We also needed a new zinc installed and we hired a diver to drop by for that operation. He had the new zinc on in less than 10 minutes, fast!

The delay at Hinckley getting repaired had the good effect of letting the high tides catch up with us so going through Georgia where the ICW is notoriously shallow should be no problem (we hope). We’ll take off Saturday and head south and with the cold weather upon us now, we’re thankful for the enclosure.