Thursday, November 25, 2010

Vero Beach City Marina – Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day Dinner with Joe - a good friend
Two things had to happen for a successful turkey day: Ann had to find a small turkey which she did (8 lbs) and I had to fit it into our small boat oven which was also successful, barely. Ann put the bird in the oven at 10:30 for dinner at 2:00. We had all the fixings: stuffing, potatoes, hand made cranberry sauce and Joe Mastri brought the dessert, a cheese cake. Joe at 83 now lives by himself after his wife passed away many years ago but we were all together for Thanksgiving Day. For Thanksgiving it’s always better the more friends you have over for dinner!

The marina sponsored a Thanksgiving Day get together and 70 some boats participated with covered dishes. Before the dinner, they had a place for boaters to bring things they no longer wanted to be sold to other boaters. Joe bought a pump for $10, I bought nothing (no room!) The trouble with an event like today is that the covered dishes are short on turkeys since most boaters don’t have the oven room to bake anything good sized for a turkey. There was a sign up in the marina clubhouse, “More Turkeys Needed!” We ate in Fleetwing.

Look at the high water mark!
This marina is located on the ICW with no close inlets to the ocean but it can still get a storm surge as evidenced by the sign showing the height of the flood surge from the 2004 storm here. There is no high ground so much of where we were walking would have been under water! Buying property around here is a crap shoot but it’s a very expensive crap shoot!