Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fort Matanzas – A great nature trail

Trail through the woods
The high today was to reach 80 but there was a threat of rain so we waited until it looked clear and headed for the main office on the mainland. We took the nature trail expecting the usual sandy path through the woods but was surprised by the elevated, wooden pathway through the forest. The trail was made of artificial wood, no treated wood with poisonous chemicals to prevent deterioration. I guess it’s better for the environment but it sure costs more.
The trail was just great. It was elevated some from the surrounding forest so you got a direct view of the plants and animals. The plants formed a canopy over the walkway, quite beautiful. As I mentioned before, Ft. Matanzas is a national monument but there’s no charge for exploring the grounds, including the ferry ride to the fort itself. I would highly recommend taking the forest trail.
The trees arched over the walkway
A front came through this afternoon with winds in the 30 kt range and we swung around a lot but holding is no problem in this anchorage and it’s still raining as I write this. We’re waiting for a break in the rain to take Hoolie ashore. Otherwise, it’s wet dog time!
Wednesday we head south again, this time for Daytona.