Thursday, November 4, 2010

Savannah – At Hinckley Marine for repairs

Engine in pieces!
In order to have enough water for Field’s Cut, a very shallow stretch of the ICW, we left at first light, at 7:30 am. With the additional 7 ft of water under the keel from the tide, we made it through without a problem although we had a couple of spots where the depth would have been only 3 to 4 ft without the high tide.

We’ve had service done by Hinckley before in Maine and Rhode Island and so looked for a Hinckley Marine service center when we found the oil leak under the engine. The mechanic showed up within the hour and quickly diagnosed the leak as a bad engine shaft seal. He order the parts and it’s supposed to arrive 10:30 am Friday, we hope. If it’s on time, then we’ll continue our trip south on the ICW Saturday. We also contacted a diver to have the zinc replaced on the propeller. A boat requires maintenance! Sad to see the engine in pieces!

Savannah by the waterfront
Being in Savannah for the first time, we rented a car and explored downtown by the waterfront. There are dozens of little shops and lots of places to eat but it was cold and rainy here. We had dinner at a famous, local restaurant – Tubby’s and the fish was excellent. Now let’s hope the part arrives on time!