Friday, November 26, 2010

Vero Beach City Marina – Last day here

Almost December - still blooms!
We’re getting ready to leave, filled the water tanks, did the laundry, bought bread for turkey sandwiches and Joe said his goodbyes for now. It’s funny how some people see things you don’t. We have a rigid screen (2 ft square) that fits in the hatchway between the cockpit and the main cabin. Since it’s 2 ft square, it’s not easy to find a place to store it. For the last six years we’ve taken it forward and leaned it against the hull next to the bow. It wasn’t too convenient but it fit there. Well, this morning Joe got up before we did and had to put the screen somewhere. I got up shortly thereafter and asked Joe, “Where’s the screen?” He had put it on top of the sliding hatch cover, a perfect place for it since the area there was larger than the screen, it laid flat and it was completely out of the way. Plus, it’s right at hand when it’s ready to be used again. Funny how you’ve done something for six years and someone comes along and finds a better way right on your own boat!

Always someone bigger
We took the shuttle into town again to buy bread and the trip reinforced our view that this is a great place for boaters. The free shuttle gives boaters unaccustomed access to shopping and points of interest like the ocean beach. Many boaters spend a month or more here to get the very reasonable monthly rate of $13.50/ft. There are no transportation expenses and laundry is $1.50 a load. A clubhouse comes with the dock too with two TVs and a reading room. Plus you have electric and water on the dock and you can schedule a pump out for the holding tanks periodically at no charge. It’s like having a southern home with a great community of people with similar interests.

Tomorrow we’re off to the Jensen anchorage which is often used by boaters going to the Bahamas – that’s not where we’re going but it’s a large area to drop the hook.